Welcome!  Art has always been a major part of my life. My father is an artist and I have learned much about creating art from him, from my earliest years onward. Though I have worked in ceramics, painting, etching, and lithography, most of my artistic training and production has been in photography.
I hold a Ph.D. in art history from Stanford University and interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. After this study and experience, I pursued a career as a curator and director at the art museums of Oberlin College, Ohio; the University of Wisconsin-Madison; the University of Oregon, and finally at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California, where I now live.
As a museum curator, I worked with a wide range of art in various media, including photography. Quality and originality in art have always been important to me, and I have studied art connoisseurship and taught it at the university level.
Landscape is my primary subject for photography, reflecting my enthusiastic response to the natural environment and my love of the outdoors. Through my museum work and subsequently, I have studied many landscape paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs. I enjoy the challenge to leave my mark, as well, by producing an image that makes the viewer want to be there!
Most of the photographs on this site were taken in national parks in California, Arizona, and Utah. Those in the gallery titled “Highway 395” I captured at several points along and on roads leading from U.S. Highway 395 in eastern California, a route that, while appearing barren at times, yields so many riches.
A final gallery, titled “Kaleidoscope,” presents photographs that may differ in subject matter from the landscape galleries, yet which I feel deserve to be seen. To produce these images, I applied the same compositional and aesthetic considerations that I do with the landscapes, and I think that they hold up well within the overall body of my work.
I welcome your comments and questions. Please see the Contact page to get in touch!

Notes on viewing the images:  (1) To see the horizontal and vertical images at the same scale, please widen your browser window as necessary.  (2) After the images in a gallery have loaded, you may click on any of them to present them all in “lightbox view” to look at them one at a time, using the keyboard arrow keys to navigate. Use the “escape” key to exit lightbox view.